Murder Two, Winter 2015

Crow Hollow 19

Leigh Cheak

Crow Hollow Books

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About the poem:
   I wanted to write something gritty and jarring, and the title of this poem emerged so I went with it. I started with the memory of a holiday  spent with my mother and her boyfriend at the time. I immediately remembered my nightgown. After a bit of tinkering, I had a draft that covered essential pieces but wasn’t as cohesive as I knew it should be. Thankfully, there are workshops for that. After getting some good advice, I chopped that poem into pieces, rearranged some, and found this one. 

    I’ve been told that writing towards an idea is limiting, and should be avoided. I love when I don’t follow advice and it works out.

Little Girl Likes Lingerie

I felt so grown-up 
in my hot 
pink nightgown. 
It was like 
what my mother wore 
when she 
wanted to be sexy. 
Short, sassy 
satin, makes a twelve-year-old 

He caught me wearing it 
one day. 
I changed clothes, 
he shouldn’t see me. 

That night 
they celebrated his presence
with champagne 
and they let me have a sip.
Mother acted
like they were serious even though the divorce 
wasn’t final.

After, she said it was time for bed. 
I said goodnight 
and put my nightgown on. 
He wanted 
a hug, and mother encouraged it. 
So I let him
sit me in his lap.

I wore 
my nightgown in her 
boyfriend’s house,
and he slipped it off me one night.