To us, published means we can find it with Google.

Space is extremely limited, as we will ONLY publish 19 pieces per quarterly issue. Send your best and boldest, ​send the poems you're afraid for your loved ones to read. Submissions remain open on a rolling

basis until each issue is full.

As of now, we are an unpaying market, but there is 

always hope that this can change. 

Follow these guidelines exactly. Failure to do so will 

result in your submission being disqualified. 

As of now all submissions will go through our Submittable submission manager. There will be a link at the bottom of the page.

Send up to THREE poems at a time in one Word document. Do not use a weird font. I prefer to read in Times New Roman, 12pt. 

DO NOT include any identifying information in the document, just the poems, with each poem beginning a new page. Name your document with your first and last initials and the date of submission. 

Include a brief cover letter in the appropriate section with NO BIO. Just tell us something about the poems and the titles of the poems included in the submission. If we select your work, we will request a bio of the poem or process paragraph and a photograph of the workspace or tool that helped create your art. We will offer the option of publishing poems anonymously, or with the poet's name attributed. 

Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you report to us any pieces accepted elsewhere immediately to withdraw them from our queue, by adding a note to the submission. 

If published with Crow Hollow 19, we seek only first publication rights, with all rights reverting to the author upon publication. Your work may also be included in a yearly print anthology. We request acknowledgment of first publishing in any future publications. 

We will attempt to respond within thirty days of receiving every submission, though hopefully much sooner. 

Thank you for your interest in CH19. Watch this page for submission windows opening.  

Please note: Chapbook Submission guidelines are located on the bottom of the Catalog page.


Submissions for Crow Hollow 19 : NOW CLOSED.

Submissions for CHB Chapbooks NOW CLOSED.


Crow Hollow Books

Reading Periods as Follows:

Spring Murder: March 1 - March 30

Summer Murder: May 1 - June 1

Fall Murder: August 1 - Aug. 31

Winter Murder: Dec. 1 - Dec. 31

Reading periods last the month, 

or until the issue is filled, so consider

submissions open on a year-round

rolling basis.