Our Mission


Crow Hollow Books

Crow Hollow Books seeks work from emerging and established poets to add to their catalog, alongside books already produced as a means of testing the waters of publishing, now ready to move onto the next phase of publishing the work that most presses would be afraid to touch, work of such searing and brutal honesty it leaves a lasting impression on the mind. 

Expect an open reading period for chapbook length manuscripts in the coming months. Be preparing your work now to submit. 

Submission Guidelines for CHB Press:

During open reading periods only, submit chapbooks of poetry consisting of 19 poems, not more than 38 pages in length. Use our Submittable submission manager.  

Do not include any identifying information in the document, and leave your name off the manuscript. 

This manuscript should be unpublished. Individual pieces may have been previously published, but not the manuscript as a whole.

Include a table of contents and space for an acknowledgements page, if applicable. 

Do not number the pages.

Submitter agrees that upon acceptance and approval of proof, they will receive 10 copies of their chapbook, and proceeds of all sale royalties will be split 50/50 with the press. You also agree that you will not publish this manuscript contents in another form or title for a period of at least one year, though individual poems are fine. 

There is no fee to submit.