Murder One, Fall 2015

On the Mannered Czars of Taste and Art

They’ll discuss
your fat circle and ideas

right in front of you.

They have no manners.
They’ll rename you

if they acknowledge
your presence at all:
Madonna of the Wasps,

Little Dot’s Retarded Sister.
They kiss cheeks

as if collecting DNA samples.

Their analysis, however, their clever
turns of phrase,

their rape fantasies
amid the long-necked daisies,

cannot be sustained.

Their ideas on pain
do not involve getting hurt.

           The artist's space.

Crow Hollow 19

About the poem:  “On the Mannered Czars of Taste and Art,” is a shot at the phonies in the art world who don’t really deserve to be the phonies in the art world. (Every other Thursday, I, myself, am a phony in the art world, but at least I cop to it.) It’s fairly easy to be dark and edgy. It’s fairly easy to be mean-spirited. It’s fairly easy to quote pop culture and follow trends. Hopefully, this poem does all of the above and then redeems itself with a couple of last lines that are both tough enough and tender enough.

Crow Hollow Books

Glen Armstrong