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Murder Four, Spring 2017

Sergio Ortiz

About the poem: My poems typically try to show a wide range of emotions. I’m gay, so many of them end up being about my lovers.  I try to tap into emotions such as love, jealousy, lust, and my fear of death, caused by the Aids epidemic. 

Crow Hollow 19

To The Only Friend I Ever Had

                                                          “A hummingbird of love between your teeth”

                                                                                                ~ Federico Garcia Lorca

This is the journey I propose: let’s wake up

without wanting to possess the world,

breathe the inaudible music of galaxies,

and in the evening dew

quench our deferred passion.


should be the pursuit of shadows,

this desert

where the fear of losing you is hidden

in the ancient filth of daylight.