Crow Hollow Books

Allison Adams

Murder Two, Winter 2015


Hold and sing to me awhile.
Your tongue rolls over 
foreign vowels,
you prophesy through
red wine stained lips.

Maybe you could read 
to me, while I look up words
translate meanings. Smirking slightly
it’s always so clear
when the gears in my head

Hold my hand and lead me
over alien Angelino canals.
Take me up with you
where you keep 
your heavy dark wood
piled high with bound books.

You can seduce me right here.
Turn me into a woman 
on the rich velvet carpet.
Teach me how my body moves
but then—

     I look up, clothes stripped 
away. Fingers slipped inside me
and notice none of your books 
have been broken.

About the poem:
As a screenwriter, I use poetry as a means to explore characters. When a character pops into my mind, I find poetry is my favorite way to solidify their needs and tone. Whether I have a story with no characters, or a character with no story, poetry has helped me make sense of myself when I’m not sure where to go next. 

               The artist's tool.

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