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Crow Hollow 19

Leah Mueller

Murder Three, Summer 2016

About the poem: I wrote "Orgasm, a Love Poem" for my husband. We'd enjoyed a romantic evening together, and I wanted to write a happy poem, since most of my work tends to be gloomy, even apocalyptic in tone. John Coltrane's album, "First Meditations" played a major role in setting a happy mood.

The artist's space.


Decadence isn't a cupcake
with chocolate sprinkles
and extra gluten.
It's absolute dissolution,
swallowing every mouthful,
then demanding more.
Lips refuse to close,
seek warmth and coolness
and warmth again.
Mind has left the couch
for the evening, and collapsed
face-forward into bed,
leaving Body in charge
of the party.
Mind fell into a stupor,
not to awaken for many hours.
It snores quietly
and won't remember its dreams.

I don't care
if you make a little noise.
Mind can't hear,
and Body has a lot
of pent-up sounds.
It's fun to release
those sounds,
wait a little while,
then release them again.
Body has been too busy
lately, making certain
its basic nutritional needs
are met. It forgot
to open the valve
and expel the extra air.

A little background music
often helps, some Coltrane
and red wine. The classics
are usually best.
Body waits on the shore
eagerly, ticket in hand.
The boat is almost here,
you watch as it approaches:
then it arrives, and the moment
of placing your foot
on the bow is always
the best moment of all.